Monday, September 5, 2016

Bourbon Barrel Dubbel

Going simple but pushing the Munich within the style.
9# 2-Row (60)
3# Munich (30)
1# C120/Dark Crystal (10)
2oz - roast malt
1# Light Candi Syrup (late boil add)
Mash 148 for 60
Boil 60
Hops - Warrior - .5oz
Yeast - Ommengang Second Gen
Bourbon Barrel Ferment - Solid and fresh 2L pitch (decant some for future use)
0505 - flame on
***hot tapwater to bucket in AM and bring out***

Brew Day - 10/7/16
Good day - 148-152 for 60 min.  60 minute boil with appropriate hopping.  1.5L starter @ 68 and 1065 got it going quick.  Super active fermentation - blew two blowoff tubes off the barrel. Smells beautiful.

11/1/16 - first tasting with Ken.  It was solid and well on its way. Needs another month or two.  Bourbon character is subtle.  Wood character needs development. This barrel will be ready to go wild on next batch.

No tasting notes - all I know went fast!