Thursday, December 7, 2017

Apple saison + Tropical All Brett Pale (Citra/Montauka)

Tart apple saison.
50/50 juice-wort
3# pils
2# rolled oats
1# wheat
2.5G pressed juice to fermenter
First wort hop 1oz Noble hop.
Ferment cool with saison mix slurry (565/french)
Blend a barrel beer for tartness
Add extract of pumpkin spice to keg to taste.

Never happened - it all went into the floor of the upstairs guest bedroom 

Brew Day: 10/25/17

6.5 strike - 1absorb - .25 trub - .25 (15 min boil)= 5 to fermenter with no boil
*2.5 to apple cider from Rays Farm = 1042OG
add DME to remaining to get to at least 1080 and rack, then top up 2.5G
6 2-row
4 rolled oats
2 white wheat
1 C40
3z Saaz @ 2.8AA, FWH

Added .75G "sparge" with strong bag squeeze.  landed at 5.5G so absorption was 1.75 = 1.6

Apple Saison
2.5G all Red Delicious plus wort = 1043.  Pitched 100ml 565/French second gen plus a vial of 568 at 72.
Ripping after 4 hours in mid 70s.

All Brett Pale
Added Pils DME and diluted to 1047.  Pitched 1st gen package of where da funk in the mid-90s...oops...half hour later chilled with ice to 80.

I think it was 1 citra and 2 oz montaka for 14 days"ish"

This beer is awesome!  No changes.  Great across the board.