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SMaSH and Barley Bastard 2015

Ok, it's time to roll into the first experiment of The Brew Farm Group.  It has been decided to do a club-wide SMaSH experiment and I picked Chinook to give myself a chance to make a batch of my beloved Arrogant Bastard.  Haven't been able to bring myself to purchase the stuff out here on the right coast as I know far too well just how far that brew has to go to hit my parched lips. It's a bit of an undertaking and my first real attempt at a parti-gyle, so here's to jumping in head first, but I figure what the heck.

Solution - Brew It!  Ok, lets begin.

The plan is to do a Parti-Gyle triple batch, including a partial mash, and a split boil. Ya, that's happening, now I just have to figure out how.

The goals.

Arrogant Bastard "Clone" - Recipe from BN Can You Brew It

5G batch, 90 min boil
2-Row - 12.2 lbs. (90%)
Special B - 1.2 lbs (10%)
OG - 1061 (unless I figure my parti-gyle all wrong:)  Which I did:)
FG - 1015
IBU - 91
BUGU 1.5 :-)

Hops - Chinook (@ 13% alpha) 
90 - 44 ibu (.7oz)
45 - 37 ibu (.7oz)
15 - 11 ibu (.7oz)
0 - 0 ibu (.7oz)

Yeast - 007 - 1L starter needed

Standard SMaSH

Batch - 1.5G
OG Target - 1045
IBU Target - 30

Late Hop SMaSH

Batch - 1.5G
OG Target - 1045
IBU - 30
Hopping - all at 5
Yeast - 001 - 500ml starter needed

Second, the grist.  To quote, Doc, "if my calculations are correct," (which they were not - 3 seconds and a smart Google search would have been helpful - Parti-Gyle Calculator)  I'll be using 12.2 lbs for the Bastard and 6 lbs for the SMaSH in the main mash.  Off to the side I'll mash the Special B separate with 1 lb of 2-row for conversion.  So that brings us to a grand total of 17.2 lbs 2-row in the main mash.

Mash Plan/Boil

1. Dough in and target 148 for the main mash with 2 qts/lb. (2x17.2 = 34.4qts or ~8.6G).  8.6G - 2.2G {absorption (1.7)/ + tun loss (.5)} = 6.4G of first runnings

Dough-in targeting the same for the "side partial mash."  Keep the side mash on the heat to stop it from dropping, you want a mash, not a steep.

Side mash details: 2.2 lbs grain x 1.5 qts/lb = 3.3qts strike...use 1G. Then - .25G (absorption) = .75G back to boil.

After Mash complete: First runnings + side mash (6.4 + .75)  ~ 7.25. to kettle.

Boil 90 minutes.

2. While above is mashing prep Parti-Gyle Req:  Parti-gyle water requirement = 4.5G (volume target, absorption has already been accounted for), plus .5 for tun loss = 5G req.  In conclusion, heat 5G sparge water to 180. Once first runnings complete add the 5G to the mash tun, mix, vorlof and run to second kettle. 

3. Once second runnings are in the kettle stir and split to two kettles and place on stove.  At boiling begin hopping with one batch getting an equal IBU contribution via a 60/30/15 addition and the other getting only a 5 minute addition to target 30 IBUs.


2/26/15 - starer vial 001 in 2L of 1040 with nutrient and calcium. SMaSH - Come to find out today (brew day) that my rare earth magnets had come loose and stuck together overnight, throwing my bar.  Oh well, intermittent shaking from here.  Only need half the starter anyway so Ill just pitch to the vial for next storage and toss in the rest.  It'll be more than enough for these small half batches.

Arrogant Clone - Today, Started fresh 007 vial in 750ml wort. Ball jar, intermittent shaking.  It'll have 8 hours.

Brew Day: 2/27/15

Strike target 157 - mash 144 to main mash, 158 to partial mash.  Why i didn't use muslin bags I'll never know.  Purest???  Shmuck...
--------------------------------Surgeon General's Warning-------------------------------
Parti-Gyle calculations are not straightforward at all.  I realized the mistake while running off, and ended up over, so now I got me a Bog Arrogant Bastard. , More hops, same BUGU.  Keep brewing!  Of course, as I write this I ask myself, "Self, there must be a calculator out there, yes?"  4 seconds later - - indeed there is.  Doh!

Brew on!  PS.  Today is Devil's Purse first batch brew day!

Arrogant Pre-boil - 1062

Smash - preboil 1037 (with a little DME love)
Each got .5tsp gypsum and .25 CaCl

Smash 60-30-15-0 got adds as planned.
Smash late hop got all hops at 10 min as OG was showing high.

All got nutrient at 10.

Arrogant OG - 1075

Smash Late Hop - Glass fermenter - 1053
Smash standard - plastic 6G - 1052


Both starters are moving, slowly, but moving.

Arrogant - pitch temp 65 - 850ml warm up starter 007 plus 500ml 001.
Each SMaSH - 750ml 001.

Done - It's steak time!

D4 - 3/3/15 - The brews have all been high krausen and ripping along this week. All brews free rose to 65-66 and are now @ 62.  Arrogant is still a 3 on my fermentation meter.  Moved to a warm water bath of 70 to finish.
D5 - 3/5/15 - Arrogant landed at 73, leaving it alone.  Still at a 3/5 on the airlock activity.
D10 - 3/9/15 - all airlock activity finished and Krausen dropped on smash beers.  Final temp 61.  Late - 6.5 brix - FG - 1009
60/30/15/0 - Brix: 6, fg 1006
Arrogant finished at 70. Brix - 9.4, fg 1014 (stoked)

3/10/15 - 2oz chinook to dry hop.  Hop Bag.  Pull at 5-7 days.  70 degrees.
3/11/15 - Harvested yeast
3/18/14 - Kegged and carbed.  Initial tasting is too green to really say.  Slightly metallic and overly bitter when warm with improper carb.  She needs at least a week to settle in. Aroma is pungent, no additional keg-hopping needed. Smash beers bottled with 4 as a 50/50 blend. Done.

SMaSH 60 min - garbage.  I mean its fine overall, but the hopping schedule didnt bring out the hop as I would have hoped.  I shouldve just stuck to a 60 min add and seen how it performed as a sole bittering hop.

SMaSH Late - Awesome!  The characteristic Chinook bite is right up front, but not overdone.  Surprosing to say the least.  The aroma is resiny, slight pine, but more citrus than pine on this iteration.  Very good and in fact with just a little ove this beer could be a recipe unto itself.

Barley Bastard - She has a slight off white head, which is stable throughout the pour.  She smells like described above, resiny, dry with slight pine notes but more citrus.

Taste - Initially the bite was too much and almost had a slight metallic tinge to it, but after two weeks in the keg that has mellowed.  It is a well attenuated beer with a nice malt backbone and the accnet of dark caramel is hiding behind the hops.

Mouthfeel is medium with a moderate to low residual sweetness.

Overall - I like this for a Fall IPA grist, but likely I wont brew it again.  I fee like the taste comes very close to arrogant and I am satisfies with the effort.  Had the numbers worked out to targets I think the recipe is pretty darn close, if not spot on.  In anther two weeks the beer could dtand a traingle test of arrogant and I'll have some fun there and report back if its worth the time, but brew it!

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