Sunday, October 2, 2016

Barrel Deux Ferment 2 and Solera 2

Grist: 20lbs old pils, 2lbs wheat, 1lbs oats, 1lbs aromatic, 1lbs C80, 4oz debittered black.

Brew Day: 9/28/16
Mash 150ish with 20% pulverized specialty grains and debittered black at end.
Terrible sparge - lots of transferring - coffe grinder fail.
No boil, no hops split 10G.
OG - 1058
Pitched both at 70ish degrees.
Barrel off and running after 36 hours.  
Solera: Added cold C4 slurry D2.  Airlock activity shows positive pressure...its started, but very very slow.1/5.
D3 - Solera and barrel ripping

10/15/16 - back to 63 in solera. Barrel in basement - airlock activity,  negative. 

Barrel has been in fermenter for a few months at 60 degrees.  Added .5G reisling must which fermented out and left very little grape character.  Would need to go waay bigger on that add.  So racked a gallon to 30oz currants and left 2 months.  Two week lag, fermented over 6 weeks.  Ended up very very port like with high fussels and grape.  Added entire gallon back to original batch.  Then blended in 5% of the solera which had become very lambic funk'esque' plus 4 cups of the barrel second fruiting beer from the other barrel.  Also added an oak spiral.  Fruit, wood, funk, medium plus tartness - great complexity.  Left that 10 days and checked and wood was on the nose, can't wait - kegged.

2/18/17 - carbed in fridge at 15psi for 8 days and left alone.  

Gorgeous!  This beer is one of the best I've made.  The grape character and all,it's subtle complexity come out as it comes to a cool temp.  It's beautiful.