Monday, November 7, 2016

Caison 4

Standard grist of pils,  flaked oats, wheat and munich. 
152 mash'ish'
No boil for sure.
The brett-Saison III slurry was warmed up and active when pitched.  I also pitched several sources of lacto including Kerrys probiotic, L. Acidophilus and Marcelle's baby probiotic.  I also added a full vial of Gen 1 French Saison slurry that was off the starter for my Chocolate Saison last summer. It also fermented nicely and was kept in the "warm room" in the mid 70s for its 3 week fermentation before being sent to the basement.

Added 2oz Nelson and 2oz summer hops to 4 gallons.  The other gallon went to blend.  10 days for the summer and 1oz nelson.  Added an extra ounce of Nelson day 5-10.  

All these beers turned out epic and awesome all at once.  

The 1G was blended with some brett-Saison gen 3 plus 12oz dried apricot and some additional CO Funk slurry. The apricot worked beautifully and complimented the blend in a huge way.  Its time to start making or buying legit purees though.

The CO Funk blended its acidity with the rustic saison character of the Caison IV and was one of the better beers Ive ever made.  It actually pucnhed up on the funk significantly versus the Caison IV as it aged.  

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