Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Cottage Hoppy pilsner and Heart Sticker Saison

Idea: IPL with a Maine Co Peeper hop profile.

10# pils (8 US, 2 Belgian)
1oz tettnager FWH
1oz Amarillo @ 0 (180 degrees for 20)
1oz cascade homegrown @0 (180 for 20)
1oz cascade @ 0 (180 for 20)
DH 2oz Amarillo and 2oz centennial (adjusted)
Mash 148
Boil 30
Aerate and let chill in cottage as long as possible.
2 packets lager yeast chilled in cottage.
Move from cottage to upstairs in house at 50% attenuation.

Brew Day 1/4/17 w/Macy.  Indoor session
Added 2tsp calcium chloride to strike.
Mash 148
Preboil OG - 1045, added 1oz tettnager FWH
45 minute boil - nutrient and finings at 10.
OG - 1054
1oz amarillo and 1oz homegrown cascade to whirlpool for 20 @ 180.
Rehydrated 2 packets of 2 separate lager yeasts. 34/70 and 23.  Mr. Malty asks for 2.  
Racked to carboy and 5min aeration.  Reading 54 degrees and pitched slurry.  54 is temp of cottage.  Also had the rehydrated yeast sitting alongside it for several hours so they were the same temp at pitching.  Also, mixed in a few ounces of wort to rehydrated yeast fro an hour prior to pitch.

Next - bring to room temp after 50% 

1/12/16 - 1028.  Just over half.  Moved to basement, elevated from floor.~60.

Tomorrow night move upstairs to room temp.

DH when I get back with hops in fridge (2oz ahatnum and 1oz amarillo) dry hop for 3 days.
Keg - crash - fine - carb. 


1/17 - added 2oz Ahatnum, 1oz Amarillo

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