Monday, May 15, 2017

DOUBLE Mango Sour Caison

Heart Sticker Saison
Second runnings was 1015 and added 3# of X-Light DME to land at 1048 on 3.5G.
Added .5# sugar and .25oz Magnum hops FWH. (all the Magnum I had left).  Finings and nutrient at 10.
45 min boil
OG - 1066
Pitched 2 Saison yeasts.  590 and French.  @low 60s after all day warm up.  Placed in kitchen (mid to high 60s). Will move upstairs next to heat vent after initial fermentation begins to subside.

Moved it upstairs next to heat. Around day 3.

1/27 - blended full amount 2:1 with Caison V.  FG was 1010.  Then added 6.5 oz mango puree.
3/1 - racked to keg and added one bottle (20oz) Belgian mango juice.  Placed in 70 degree room.
5/15/17 - this beer turned out great.  It has a nice balance of acidity, funk and mango.  I would have liked to see a bit more Saison character still...maybe reduce the acidity a touch.  Its a great beer and has been well received.  Ill get it into bottles soon for aging.