Friday, November 27, 2015

Rye-Chocolate Saison

No story to tell, just a brew to get a brew in and to build up the French Saison yeast for future buggy fun.

Rye Extract - 6.6 lbs 
Steeped: 1lbs wheat, 1lbs Pale chocolate

10/6/15: Brewed with Casey and Macy
60 minute boil
1 NewFarm Cascade hop shot at 20.
1 oz home grown cascade hops at 5. Pitched Wyeast French Saison at 65. 1058 OG.
Fermented at 73ish.
A great resource on Dark and Funky Saisons
10/19/15 - 6.4 brix.  1016. It all comes through.   Some wood may be in order. 
11/4/15 - pretty dam fine beer.  Sample needs a solid week to let the quick force carb settle in, but we are on the right track.  Aroma tends towards a balance of raisin and chocolate.  Saison phenolic push through and compliment.  No idea about the rye per usual.  Maybe pick up some rye bread and do a side by side sniff test....official verbiage.
Medium body - dry finish.  More to come.  Will pull a gallon and add Brett (cuz that's what I do), let her roll for a couple months then bottle.
Too much chocolate.   Would have been nice to add as a nuance, not a bold statement.

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