Saturday, November 28, 2015

Ciderfest 2015

Ok, it's time to diversify.  There is an entire universe of simple ciders to make and I have had a few experiences with people showing up that just didnt want beer...and I am getting more funky all the time, so my beer offerings may not suit many pallets in years to come. With that said, let's play.

Imagining a tart, highly spritzy cider with a nice depth from the pomegranate and fresh apples, plus a beautiful crisp finish and brilliant pink in the glass.

Let's Begin
5G pasteurized apple juice
1 pint pure pomegranate juice
1 lbs white sugar
Thin sliced fresh apples and pomegranate in the keg
Brew Day 8/5/2015
Organic Juice (without preservatives) to fermenter with sugar boiled in water. Add rehydrated yeast in the low 60s.
Fermenting between 72-76 all of August/september.

9/1/15 - Far from ready.  Sulphury, green.  Purged with CO2.

11/21/15 - yahtzee!  added a second pint of pom juice to keg.  Carbed to 4!  This is delicious.   Dry and crisp.  The Apple character is there but not too forward.  The pomegranate adds a depth and light complimentary tartness.  The base recipe is excellent and there are many variations to explore!  A winner!

11/25/15 - popped first brett carbed cider.  Carb is in place, no Brett.  Will wait till next summer for next tasting on these.

Could try adding 2L of Cider on week 6.  Could add a nice spice and leave additional apple character in the nose.

Other cider ideas
DH with orange zest
DH with Nelson hops
Oak and Sherry
Straight oak
Oak and Sav Blanc
Black Currant
Christmas: Cranberry (maybe touch of all spice)

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